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Frequently Asked Questions

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    When is Open Enrollment for Individual Insurance?
    Open Enrollment for individuals is November 1st through December 15th. This will be the only time you can enroll in coverage without a qualifying life event such as a marriage, birth, or loss of coverage.
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    I own/run a business, can I purchase better benefits through a group plan instead?
    Yes. Although you must meet specific requirements, the group health plans offer a broad nationwide network of doctors, prescription coverage and in many cases more competitive pricing. Contact us today for further information.
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    Is Ambetter the only option for an Individual Qualified Health plan in our area?
    Yes. Many carriers have exited the individual market. As of January 1, 2019, Ambetter will be the only carrier offering an ACA Qualified Health plan in Glynn and surrounding counties. Additional offerings are available in some counties outside our area. Contact us for further detail.
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    Does my business have to offer benefits to employees?
    It depends. If you have 50+ Full Time or Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees you are required to pay for “Minimal Essential Coverage” that is considered “Affordable” by the IRS guidelines. Businesses under 50 FTE are not required by law to offer coverage.
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    Will I be able to use my current Doctor?
    The provider list on may not be complete. Be sure to contact your provider directly to verify they do accept your new Ambetter plan.
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    Will I qualify for a tax credit?
    Tax credits are based on income and household size. Contact us today so we may guide you through the qualifying and enrollment process.